How does your process differ from other recruiters?

It doesn’t. We offer full cycle recruiting and any aspect of our service à la carte.

How can the fee structure be so low, what is missing?

In two words, Overhead and Margin. We have eliminated excess overhead from our business operations enabling us to offer recruiting services without concern for covering the eliminated costs. More importantly we have eliminated the ridiculous margins that abound in the industry, recognizing that if we offer our clients a quality service and a respectable price we are further ahead in the long run.

What areas does specialize in?

Our primary focus is the staff, middle management and leadership roles that represent the backbone of every business operation, namely your OFIS; Operations, Finance, Infrastructure and Sales. Whether it be an entry HR Associate, the Logistics Manager, or the CFO, our recruiters are trained to meet your needs.

Do you fill senior and executive roles?

Yes. However, these roles do not follow our standard fee structure. Each senior or executive role is reviewed independently and a fee is determined based on the requirements of the role in line with our pricing philosophy.

What happens if a role goes unfilled?

Unlike the contingency model which pays out a percentage of the hiring salary when an offer is made, we do not work on contingency. When we dedicate our time to fill your recruiting needs we expect to be compensated whether or not the role is filled.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes.  If a new hire does not work out within the first three months, we will conduct another search to fill the role at no cost.

Is there a discount when filling multiple positions of the same role?

Yes.  A 25% discount is applied on the service fee for each new hire.