Recent Engagements

Wine/Beer U-Brew

EA is working with the management of a U-brew start-up to establish budgets, plans and operational best practices.

Energy Consulting

EA guided management in integrating the various performance incentive plans in the business into a more cohesive program that is in-line with the firm’s long term growth strategy and new organizational framework.  Worked with management to deal with poor performers and bad apples.

Courier & Printing Services

A Check-Up was conducted on the largest revenue generating store of one of Canada’s largest couriers. With an emphasis on productivity and workflow this check-up lead to the re-organization of the shop floor, provided role & responsibility clarity to the staff and helped guide management in better and more effective overall management of the team.

Property Management M&A

EA worked the ownership of a digital marketing firm in the property management sector to explore the sale of the business.

Retail Lighting

Excellerated Analysis has been retained by a retail lighting provider to assist in the revitalization of the business.  Located in a prime retail location EA has provided decor, display, product, inventory and general business management and operation guidance to ownership.

IT Infrastructure Support

This Check-Up combined an organizational review with a succession planning objective to assist management in determining the firm’s 3 – 5 growth strategy. Emphasis was placed on staff performance based incentives and motivational drivers.

Wholesale/Retail Appliances

Conducted an organizational Check-Up of a multi-branch appliance wholesale/retailer.  The result was an overhaul of admin and back office support and a more robust framework for providing customer service and field support.

Meat Processing Plant

Excellerated Analysis advised and a local meat processor on reintroducing its brand after a 7 year hiatus.  EA developed business plans and models to successfully support the business’ financing requirements and other ventures.

Multi-Residential Property Management

The organizational Check-Up of this multi-residential brokerage house resulted in the realignment of the firm’s property management team, resolving a critical bottleneck that had been impeding performance.  A Shared Services group was formed to better support both the Property Management team as well as the brokerage side of the business.  EA filled a vacant Property Management role and successfully conducted an Executive Search for a Vice President of Operations.

IT Solutions

This Check-Up mapped out the growth strategy for a client in the IT Infrastructure Support sector.  From defining revenue and marketing channels to outlining the roles and org structure of the business, EA continues to work with the client as it experiences ‘growing pains’.

M&A Due Diligence – QSR

Excellerated Analysis was called in to join the due diligence team exploring the Master Franchisee license acquisition of one of Canada’s largest Quick Service Restaraunt franchises.  As the finance lead, EA conducted financial analysis and extensive modelling over the course of this 6 month engagement.

Synagogue Administrative Office

Excellerated Analysis was called in to conduct a Check-Up on the administrative structure, roles and responsibilities of a synagogue.  The results and recommendations were presented to the Board and led to an organizational re-alignment.

Negotiations Support: Back Clinics of Canada

Excellerated Analysis guided a chiropractic clinic through the negotiations with one of their larger vendors.  EA’s insight and guidance strengthened our client’s bargaining position resulting in a more beneficial agreement in our client’s favour.

Landscaping/Horticulture – Aden Earthworks

Infrastructure and integration were the key outcomes of this check-up. Excellerated Analysis conducted an investigation to source an ERP for the business, as well as the search for a Finance Manager to support operations and implement EA defined management reporting & controls. Marketing and sales received a particular focus, as a more integrated approach is required to drive increased sales. Direction was also provided around receivables and the debt structure, both of which have improved.


EA developed a data mining platform for a portfolio of ATM units. Profitability was determined at the portfolio and unit level to screen out poor performers and position the business to maximize use of working capital. Assistance is also being provided in the areas of systems support and overall operations management.

Retail Website Investors Primer

Excellerated Analysis developed the investors’ website concept primer for a revolutionary on-line retail platform that is a complete paradigm shift in the consumer on-line shopping experience.  EA pitched investors on the concept  on behalf of our client.  Stay tuned for more exciting news on what is sure to be an internet success.


Excellerated Analysis advised a moving bins start-up on operational and financial best practices.

Property Maintenance-Eglinton Ave Maintenance

The 100 Hour Check-Up highlighted the need for a strategic plan in-line with the owner’s goals and a framework to improve the firm’s cash position and cash cycle. A 5 year strategic plan was subsequently developed as well as a business plan, complete with pro-formas, to secure additional financing for growth. EA accompanied the owner to meetings with prospective lenders and compiled all requisite reports and analyses, resulting in an increase in the firm’s borrowing capacity. Guidance was also provided to improve aged receivables, which have since come down. EA continues to provide executive coaching and guidance to management.

Real Estate

Excellerated Analysis conducted The 100 Hour Check-Up for a real estate investment firm to identify areas of weakness as the business ramps up for growth. The result was streamlined business process, a more formal business operations environment and a summary of historical returns to help promote and generate sales.

Health Care – Optimed Consulting

EA assisted the principals to develop a service offering and pricing guide for the insurance industry. EA developed a cost based pricing model for various levels of service. Guidance was also provided to understand the firm specific impact of changes to the Canadian pharmaceutical regulatory environment. Excellerated Analysis continues to work with management as opportunities for consideration arise.


Excellerated Analysis advised the founder of a car-for-hire service to develop and reach an underserved market niche. Assistance includes; business plan development, service offering exploration, planning and pricing.

Financial Services

A Check-Up was conducted on a subprime auto loan provider. The sales compensation plan was found to be the most critical issue. A model was developed to determine the optimal relationship between base pay and commission to ensure the business could continue to attract top sales talent, while at the same time motivate the sales force to achieve higher sales.


Excellerated Analysis assumed managerial responsibility and oversight of the Accounts Payable and Cash Management department of a leading GTA retailer to improve the existing process and reporting infrastructure. The result was actionable information reaching management, enabling improved decision making.