Recruiting For Less



Traditional recruiting is broken.

Are you a Recruit-o-saurus?
Still paying recruiters “percentage of salary” ridiculous fees?
Technology has transformed the industry, yet fees remain stuck in a bygone era.



Our fees are flat. $3750 flat.
Marketing, Finance, Operations, Sales, HR, Admin. US / Canada.
Doesn’t matter. It’s one rate for all roles up to $80,000 in salary… anywhere, backed by a 3 month guarantee.



$15,000 for a $75k role, $10,000 for a $50k job? $3750 is a fair rate for our work.
In fact, need two vacancies filled for the same position. The fee for the second hire is a $1000 less.
Why? Because we don’t need to run two separate searches, so why should you pay for two. See the Fees Comparison chart.



Anyone can post an ad on a job board or search LinkedIn for candidates.
Leveraging cloud based recruiting tools we take recruiting to the next level.
Why review 2-dimensional resumes, when our digital candidate intros say so much more.



Recruiters are all chasing the same candidate pool.
Why pay more just because everyone else is?
Besides, we’re busy building candidate communities in the social sphere to bring you top talent.


RFL – The way recruiting was meant to be.

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