The following businesses have partnered with Excellerated Analysis to offer you better service.

Scientific Research and Experimental Development

SRED Unlimited specializes in securing Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) refundable tax credits by using technical engineering consultants familiar with a host of industries (cleantech and renewable energy, software development, telecommunications, mechanical or industrial engineering, food and beverage, printing and manufacturing among others), and have an intimate understanding of technology and production processes. With a proven track record of successes in claiming SR&ED refunds for its clients, SRED Unlimited offers a uniquely “boutique-type” service that caters to varying client needs.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence Solutions (BIS) is a data mining/GIS/predictive analytics company that conducts business for banking, finance, insurance and other industries, providing a broad range of consulting services to enable corporate decision-makers to increase their bottom line. Our specialization is complex unstructured business problems for data rich firms. We can understand and analyze our client’s business problem and corresponding data through the prism of dissimilar statistical/data mining/optimization models. As a result we are always able to produce the best possible model and help our clients in the most effective and scientifically sound way.