Does the Check-Up really only take 100 hours?

No, it generally takes less.  As no two businesses are alike, the check-up has been designed to be conducted within a 100 hour time frame.  Depending on the business size and complexity the required time will vary.  On average check-ups take 50-70 hours.

Do I pay for 100 hours even if it takes less?

No. The remaining hours can be used to implement the check-up recommendations and are billed at the discounted check-up rate. If you choose not to use the remaining hours, there is is no charge for them.

How much time will my staff need to dedicate to the check-up?

The check-up has been designed to impact the business operation as minimally as possible.  The structure can be rearranged to accommodate work schedules and staff availability.  Generally less than 1 hour is required for each staff interview.  Should additional time be needed, this will be discussed with management.

 How long before the report is delivered?

The report is compiled over a 2-3 week period.  This is because time is needed to review all the information collected over the course of the check-up and draft the report.

Are there recommendations in the report that do not require further EA assistance?

At Excellerated Analysis we pride ourselves on identifying and resolving “low hanging fruit” during the check-up.  When discovered, these issues are communicated directly to management for immediate resolution.  As for recommendations in the report; EA can conduct the work, project manage the work, or not be involved at all.

Can EA start implementing the recommendations right away?

Yes.  In most cases this is the preferred scenario, there are however times due to prior client commitments and scheduling that there may be a delay.

Will EA train my staff on the procedures, systems and tools?

Yes.  An engagement is not complete until staff and management are comfortable and confident in their ability to maintain the new processes and tools developed as part of the engagement.