EA is an innovator in the small to mid-size business services arena.

Accelerate: To cause faster development, progress, or advancement in.
Random House Webster’s College Dictionary

Excellerate: To cause enhancement, improvement, or advancement in business performance.
Raphi Wisebrod CEO, Excellerated Analysis

Excellerated Analysis Mission Statement

To provide the SMB marketplace with business services that meet or exceed all industry standard performance expectations, at rates well below the industry norm.

The Excellerated Services Suite

To provide full cycle recruiting services at prices 30% – 80% lower than the industry norm by using a streamlined recruiting methodology and replacing the percentage of salary pricing model with a flat fee approach.


To minimize the fees our clients pay to merchant transaction providers.  It’s your money, keep more of it!


To provide sustainable savings of 13% – 37% on group benefit plans, by leveraging a non-traditional pricing and service model, while ensuring no loss of benefits or services.


To provide a cost effective and thorough review of a business’ entire operation within 100 hours; with the objective of easing working capital, improving sales, containing costs and excellerating overall business performance.