Excellerated Merchant Fees

Stop overpaying, we can reduce your merchant service fees by up to 50%!

Merchant Account Expense Reduction

We specialize in generating cost savings for any business that accepts credit and/or debit card transactions. Our clients typically save 15% – 50% off their monthly fees without switching providers.

Complimentary Merchant Statement Review

We will provide a no obligation merchant statement review. This allows us to better understand your volumes, fees, as well as pricing methodology. Once we’ve completed the review, we will provide an estimate in terms of anticipated savings, as well as recommendations for next steps.


We negotiate on behalf of our clients to obtain the best possible rates, fees and pricing methodologies. Our vast knowledge and experience, as well as relationships with preferred vendors, allows us to obtain the lowest possible rates for our clients. We do not seek out the services of any 3rd party providers. This ensures fee transparency, cost certainty, and excellent service.

Get Excellerated!

Stop complaining about your merchant service fees and start taking action. Fill in our contact form and we will get the ball rolling on putting your merchant service fees back where they belong… in your pocket!